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Empowering female athletes with strength training for injury prevention, sports performance enhancement and increased self-esteem. This is the first site of its kind and the #1 go-to-resource for obtaining strength training info and programs for the female athlete. We are sports performance enhancement specialists that train female athletes. Train with us locally in Columbus, Ohio or get a FREE self-care strength training program to do on your own. We've been in your shoes...Let us help you transform your sports experience with education & sound strength and conditioning programs.

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"I started strength training because I injured my back. I wanted to strengthen my back & get back to 100% so I started training with Female Athletes First & it has helped so much!- Lacy E.  High school softball player

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Q: What Are the Calcium Requirements For Active Girls/Women?

A: Females aged 9-18 years need to consume 1300mg/day of calcium, active females who already have poor bone density may need higher calcium intakes. Discuss any supplementation with your doctor so your nutrition plan can be tailored to your needs.QWhat Are the Calcium Requirements For Active Girls/Women?

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