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This is the first site of its kind designed to serve the strength training needs of the female athlete. We are sports performance enhancement specialists that train female athletes. Train with us locally in Columbus, Ohio or get a FREE strength training program here to do on your own. We've been in your shoes...Let us help you transform your sports experience with education & sound strength training programs. Our slogan is: Train For Athleticism, Not For Appearance.






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Empowering female athletes through strength training for injury prevention, sports performance enhancement & improved self esteem.

News: We are having a Strength Training/Fitness Camp for girls ages 10-16 this summer in Columbus, OH, at the Wyandotte Athletic Club. Looking at June 16-20th from 6:00pm-8:30pm, more details coming. E-mail us if you are interested, Download camp flyer.

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Featured Exercise

Jump Squats                                                                                                                                                      

These jumps are an explosive movement that really activates the glutes & other muscles in the legs, hips & core. Jump squats are one of the best to help strengthen the knee joint & help prevent knee injury. It is critical for an athlete to learn how to handle the forces applied to the lower body & core when jumping & landing. First, make sure you are doing these jumps on a surface that can provide some cushion when landing. As an example, land on rubber, artificial turf, or an exercise mat. No concrete. Start with feet hip width & hands held at chest height. Initiate the jump by taking the hips back first, then bend the knees to sink down into a mini squat. Take hands and arms back when descending in order to use them for getting a max jump. Spring up as high as possible using a good hand and arm thrust overhead as if to block a spike on a volleyball net. Absorb the landing with the ankles, knees and hips and with feet hip width. Do repeat jumps for the conditioning effect.  Tip: Use arms & legs to jump & land light as a feather. Also avoid the "knock knee" position on take off and landing.

Quick Questions/Quick Answers

Q: When can my daughter start strength training?

A: The American Council on Exercise states that an athlete can start strength training as early as 7 years of age. However, certain conditions must exist before the athlete starts this young. An athlete must be mature enough to handle the instruction involved. Sessions must be conducted with an experienced, certified professional. This pro should understand how to train females. Have the athlete master body weight exercises first before external weight is used. Avoid Olympic lifts until after physical maturity. Keep sets and reps low at the start and then progress properly and safely. Make the sessions fun and interesting.

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